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[EF#13] Talking About Exercise

Assalaamualaikum, Hi, Guys! Today is Friday, so it's time for English Friday. This friday topic is the sports we choose. When I was a middle school/high school student, I lived in my home town Tasikmalaya. I love the ambience of the little town back then. The streets were less crowded, less motorcycles, and there were fresher air.  I used to ride my bicycle everywhere, to go to my English lessons, Bimbel lessons, or some friends house. O yeah, I was in a pretty good shape back then. Hahahaha xD.  When I finished high school, some of my wonderful teenage memories ended. And sadly, my cycling routines had come to an end too. I was accepted at Unpad and so I needed to move to Bandung/Jatinangor and lived in a boarding house (a.k.a ngekos).  And there was my unhealthy lifestyle began. College is fun of course. Some of my best memories and dreams were built there. But the unhealthy lifestyle is something I couldn't change for some years. The junk foods, the la

(English Friday) My First Blogger Meet Up

Assalaamualaikum, Have you been to a blogger meet up?  I think I will always remember my first meet up with bloggers. It was December 2012 at the Blogdetik's event, #BloggerBicaraFashion .  I still remember how excited, and yet confused, I was because I was a new blogger. I didn't really know how bloggers interact to each other. And to be honest, I didn't blog-walk so much. Fortunately, I went there with a blogger-friend who is also my neighbor, Mak Dyah Pitaloka.  When we arrived at the venue, FX Sudirman, Mak Dyah introduced me to Mak Myra Anastasia and Mak Fadlun. Well, they are literally my first blogger-friends :D. There was a talkshow with two designers and a fashionista on the event. Blogdetik also did makeovers on some bloggers. They made them wear designer's clothes, and asked them to walk on the catwalk like models.  Eventually, I noticed that some bloggers who walked on the catwalk that day, are pretty famous among Indonesian Bloggers. Two of the

About Blog English Club

Assalaamualaikum, Image Courtesy of Blog English Club. Hi, Everyone! Happy Monday! It's pretty chilly here in Depok. It's been raining since early in the morning. But actually, I love this kind of weather because it reminds me of how it feels living in Bandung :D. Okay, so, what I'm about to write here is about the Blog English Club (BEC). I should have posted this post on Friday, because we have English Friday when members post about a certain topic on Friday. But last week I needed to go out of town to visit my parents, so I determine to write it on Monday instead. I'm so sorry for the late submission, guys. I love BEC because we always have a certain topic to discuss and to write every Friday. It reminds me a lot of how I used to write at the beginning of my blogging days. But what I love more about it is that in BEC we take English very seriously but fun. The admins even make a  twitter account and a blog to post about what we learned!  We

(English Friday) My Wildest Dream

Assalaamualaikum, Hi, Guys! It's English Friday again today. The writing challenge for today is: "Your Wildest Dream."  Oh My! I think this challenge made me faint for that I am not very comfortable sharing my deepest thought about many things. But then I thought there's no harm in sharing it anyway. For it's the wildest thing you can think of and that's why they called it "Wildest Dream", isn't it? My wildest dream is: Having My Own Talk Show. I'm a Journalism graduate and I really love talking with people and sharing ideas. When I was a college student and a Journalist in several mass medias, my tasks made me meet many interesting people. People from the street to high street.  Some of them making little money and some of them have a very satisfying lives. When I was an intern at several mass medias, I used to travel from Jakarta to Bandung by train weekly for months.  I once met a TKW on a train and we were talking

(English Friday) My Word for 2015: AWESOME

Assalaamualaikum, Some of you who read this blog from when it started may notice how my writings has changed from time to time. When I started to write, I was just completed my Academic Writing Class. That's why mostly I wrote posts in English on the first year. But then on the second year, I started to connect with many bloggers and I found out that when I wrote in Bahasa, my readers became more engaged. I write in English every once in a while now, but not frequently. I still love to write posts in English, it's just sometimes I have no reason to. Until I found this post of Blog English Club on Dani's blog and I asked to join. Blog English Club was founded By Nita, Ryan, and Dani. The purpose is to encourage bloggers to write in English. We have a chat group in Whatsapp to chat in English, and have Mba Yo and Mikan as mentors. We also have something we called English Friday, it's when all of the members write a particular topic in English every Friday. Who