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Pengalaman Rafting di Sungai Citarik, Sukabumi

Assalaamualaikum, Udah lama enggak posting liburan. Ini adalah cerita saya rafting di sungai Citarik, Sukabumi.Ternyata Rafting itu seruuu... padahal saya enggak bisa berenang, lho. Tapi ternyata Rafting itu cukup aman. It's been quite a long time since the last time we got away on a vacation, especially after we have a daughter. Since my hubby's family is in Bandung, my own family is in Tasik, and we have a house at Cimahi, we visit families when we have holidays, most of the time.  I think I desperately need a vacation but there's only little chance of doing that. My sister in law is going to be married in a week and there's Idul Adha holiday  coming ahead, so we'll need to go home by then, and my hubby's only have 2 days-off left this year -_-'. Well, yesterday I saw pictures of our holiday on my folder and found some cute photos of us rafting at Citarik, Sukabumi, with my Hubby's friends from work. Oh, how I love these pictures :D.