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Make-Up Review: Maybelline COLORSHOW Lipstick

Assalaamualaikum, So a few months ago I bought some Maybelline lipsticks from the COLORSHOW  series. I saw Tara's post on her blog about this lipstick. and and so when I saw these lipsticks on the rack at Giant and Watson, I thought I just gotta have them. Lipstik warna warni ini bisa didapatkan dengan harga Rp 30.000. Cukup murah ya untuk sebuah lipstik. Sekarang kan jarang banget nemu lipstik dengan harga semurah itu. Ini dia lipstik yang saya beli. Pinkalicious, True Toffee, dan Plum-Tastic. From the day I bought them, I was very curious of how this brand could launch this product with such a very affordable price.  So, I observed them and I found that this lipstick has the same length with standard lipsticks, only it has a slimmer shape. And when you look closer, you'll found out that the packaging is very simple.  The packaging is not like what you found with a more "fancy" lipstick. But well, guess what, I love these lipsticks. T