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ZALORA Event: Indonesia as The Muslim Fashion Capital

Assalaamualaikum, Hi, girls! How are you? It's the first weekend after the Eid holiday. After two weeks of mudik, back in our parents' house, we're finally here in our home. It's fun spending times at our hometown, but now I really miss hanging out in the big city :D.  Now, it's Saturday morning and I'm enjoying my cup of coffee. My Bebe and Hubby are still asleep right now, so it's kinda me time *wink*. Well, this morning I want to share to you a late post about a cool event that I attended on June. It's been a while, I know.  I just couldn't find time to write it because I know it's gonna be a long post and I have to pick some pictures from over a hundred photos of the event and fashion shows.  Okay, let's begin. On June 23, I received an invitation to Zalora event. It was a sudden invitation but Alhamdulillah I could make time to come. It was Wednesday so I have to bring my daughter along with me. I drove to