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Make-Up Review: PAC Matte Lipstick

Assalaamualaikum, Hi, Guys! How are you? Today I want to write a review of PAC Matte lipstick that I got from the cool event I attended called #BBMeetUp  last week. I'm so curious because I haven't bought a matte lipstick again since I found out that the one that I purchased made my lips very dry.  So this is the lipstick, I love the matte packaging. This is the name of the lipstick shade, ML02, Indian Red. Actually, when I got this lipstick, I expected a more alluring red color. But It turned out that it has a more nude-brown color.  Well obviously, I don't really know what Indian red means :P.   It has a more nude-brown shade. This is how the color appeared on my arm. I'm always a big fan of nude-colored lipstick, so I don't really mind when I found out that the lipstick color was not as red as I expected to be. I love the shade on my lips. And what a matte finish!  You know how some matte lipsticks can turned our lips t