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As I promised you before, I want to share the news from the event called ACER Srikandi Blogger Award 2013. This is a very late post actually, and I'm so sorry for that. There are so many photos that I was so confused which of them to be edited and posted here in my blog. This event was held on April 28, 2013 at Kemdiknas Building, Jakarta. It was created by Kumpulan Emak-Emak Blogger (KEB), a community for blogger moms and was dedicated to inspiring blogger moms who have touched and inspire the other blogger moms to be more creative, to write, to start a business, and so on. There was an opening act, a monologue from Mak Wylvera Windayana, A monologue by Mak Wylvera Windayana. Mba Astrid from ACER Indonesia The Srikandi Blogger Award Comittee (Mak Panitia). Mak Mira Sahid, potong tumpeng. After lunch, we had a fashion show from the kids wearing Mak Waya Komala apparel collections. The kids were so cute :)). It was fun and they play the music "K

Indonesia Islamic Fashion Fair (IIFF) 2013

Assalaamualaikum, How's your weekend girls :)? Well, I went to Indonesia Islamic Fashion Fair 2013 at JCC Senayan yesterday and it was cool! There were traffic jams everywhere yesterday around Mampang, Gatot Subroto, and the police closed the access to the gates of Senayan from Jl. Gatot Subroto. It's pretty exhausting just to get to the venue. After two hours of traffic jam, alhamdulillah I was arrived at last :D  The first great things about this event is, there are many shows at the mainstage and you can see it free and don't have to register to see it. The mainstage was closed for men too so you don't have to be worry when you have to struggle with the standing audiences just to take good pictures :P. There were hijab tutorials and fashion show from Elzatta Hijab at the main stage when I got in.  The "before" and the "after". By the way, do you recognize familiar faces? Yes, they are Citra Kirana and Dina Lorenza :D.

Family Photo : Review Maripro Depok

Assalaamualaikum Ini kali pertamanya kami berfoto keluarga. Jadi rasanya pingin sekali mendapatkan hasil yang bagus. Di mana kami semua kelihatan bagus dan gambarnya pun terlihat minimalis tidak ramai. Hello again. How are you? I'm a little bit ill these past few days. Well actually my daughter catch fever, then I got fever two days after, and then my hubby got that fever too on the next day. Phew, this week has been exhausting because everybody in the house is sick!  I'm feeling better today, my daughter still has rashes because we didn't use the AC for three nights, and my hubby still has a stomachache. But well, overall, we got better now :). So today I just stay at home. I was looking at my photo folders when I found this family photo I haven't post.  After my Bebe was born, I used to ask my hubby for a family photo. But we were new in the neighborhood and we don't know where to take a good family photo pictures. Then, I found Mrs. Pipit

Road to ASEAN Blogger Festival 2013

On April 20, 2013 I attended a one day Seminar that was a part of an event called ASEAN Blogger Festival.  The main event will be held on May 12-15, 2013 in Solo.  I was so excited to attend the event, because there would be Hermawan Kartajaya as one of the speaker.  Back when I was a university student, I read his books and listen to his audio book. I listened to Trijaya FM just to hear some of his words. Hahaha.... He is the President of MarkPlus&Co, a management consultant company based in Asia. He's one of 50 Gurus Who have Shaped The Future of Marketing, write several books with Philip Kotler, and many other achievements. I wasn't so into marketing studies. I studied communications and journalism, but I like his ideas of how to create the message and how to get the people react to it, in a positive way, in the way we wanted to. It was called product differentiations.  ASEAN and Hermawan Kartajaya's Perspective Years ago, before the social media e

Bebe's Weaning Diary (Part 2-end) : Cerita Menyapih Aira

Hello, it's been a while since I published the first part of this weaning diary. Hm.. My Hubby worked overtime for about 3 weeks now so I don't have too much time to write a long post.  So, here it is, the second part of my Bebe's weaning diary DAY 1: TAMAN MINI INDONESIA INDAH (TMII) On the first day, I brestfed my Bebe at 02.00 am. Then, she fell asleep again. I woke up very early that day because I needed to prepare some food. Baru kemarinnya dapet resep nasi goreng terasi dari temen kuliah saya, Angela Wika. Kayaknya kok enak gitu ya nasi goreng terasi pake ampela, ayam, kemiri, bawang, lada, ehm... enak lah pokoknya. Hehehe.... Makasih ya Wika resepnya :*. Bukan apa-apa, saya memang harus pastikan si Bebe cukup makan supaya lupa mimi dan tidak sakit karena pasti kecapaian. H ari pertama saya dan hubby memang berencana mengajaknya jalan-jalan naik kereta gantung di taman mini. Main sampai sore, lalu lanjut ke mall sampai malam. Tujuannya sih satu, su