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The Umrah (Cerita Umrah - Part III)

This is the last part of the Umrah post.  We spent five days in Mecca and the next day we were off to Medina.  We stayed at Mubarak Al-Madinah Hotel in Medina for two days. We were so excited to see Nabawi Mosque.  Unlike Masjidil Haram, here in Nabawi Mosque women and men have their special gates and they cannot be seen together inside the mosque, even if it is a man with his wife.  It was too bad that at every gate for women, we were checked by women securities. It seems like we were not allowed to bring cameras, though I saw some people managed to use their cameras inside. But my hubby said men were not checked by securities when they got in so some men can take pictures inside the mosque. In Nabawi, there are places that attracts many people to pray. The tomb of our Prophet, Muhammad SAW, is located here. Also a place called the raudhah. Raudhah is located between the tomb of Prophet Muhammad and the mimbar .  Raudhah is actually the original size of Nabawi Mosque bac

The Umrah (Cerita Umrah - Part II)

Wow, today is 9th day of Zulhijjah. Are you fasting today? Well, I am. I have cold actually and sore throat too. But I don't want to break my fast because I want to finish what I have started so breaking it would make me feel like 'chicken' :D. My Mom texted me asking how I was and I said it's okay. Can't wait for Maghrib and I just want to drink a big jar of water. Hahaha...  Today I want to continue my story about the Umrah.  The next day, two days after the first umrah, we were gathered early in the morning, at about 3 a.m. The lead of the group, H. Dede would take us to see the cave of Hira in The Hill of Nur ( Jabal Nur ). The Cave of Hira is where the first revelation, Al-Alaq (96, 1-5), revealed to the Prophet, Muhammad. H ere I found the English translation version from  Wikipedia 96:1 Read in the name of your Lord, Who created- 96:2 Created man, out of a (mere) clot of congealed blood [' alaq  علق]: 96:3 Read! And th

The Umrah (Cerita Umrah - Part 1)

"Labbaik Allaahumma labbaiik. Labbaika laa syariika laka labbaiik. Innalhamda wanni'mata lakawalmulk. Laa syariikalak." "A ku datang memenuhi panggilan-Mu, Ya Allah!  aku datang memenuhi panggilan-Mu. A ku datang memenuhi panggilan-Mu, (Tuhan) yang tidak ada sekutu bagi-Mu,  aku datang memenuhi  panggilan-Mu.  Sesungguhnya segala pujian, nikmat dan kekuasaan adalah kepunyaan-Mu. T idak ada sekutu bagi-Mu." Hm.. tiap kali mendengar kalimat ini rasanya gimanaaa gitu.   Hari Minggu lalu baru saja ikut pengajian walimatu shaffar seorang teman yang mau pergi haji. Jadi ingat kenangan waktu umrah bareng suami. Kangen sekali. Kapan ya bisa memenuhi panggilan haji. Huhuhu.... Amiiin... di dalam hati. Jadi terpikir buat catatan perjalanan itu. Yah, gapapa deh udah lama juga. Ingin sekali mengingat kenangan ini just exactly the same seperti yang saya ingat. Moga-moga ngasih semangat ngumpulin duit buat haji. amiiin...  Berhubung waktu memulai bl