Pak Aziz, Guruku

Kalau sudah bicara tentang jaman SMA, memang enggak ada matinya ya? Siapa sih yang ga inget serunya, bodohnya, ngecengin seniornya, pertemanan, sampai hal-hal yang bikin pusing seperti PR yang menumpuk setiap hari atau les ini itu. Dari semua kenangan itu, kita akan selalu mengingat orang yang pernah menginspirasi atau bahkan mengubah hidup kita. Buat saya, orang itu adalah Pak Aziz. Pak Aziz adalah guru les bahasa Inggris saya dari tahun pertama SMA sampai lulus SMA. Lucunya, beliau adalah guru dari paman-paman saya (adik-adik Papa). Ceritanya, saat masuk SMA, saya dan dan seorang teman SMP hunting tempat les bahasa Inggris yang bagus. Kami bahkan pernah 'mencicip' salah satu tempat les tapi karena tidak puas akhirnya tak sampai satu bulan kami keluar. Lalu dibawalah saya oleh Papa ke rumah Pak Aziz. Di depan rumahnya terpampang plang besar bertuliskan "BUKOM Private English Course". Saat pertama datang, kesan pertama saya adalah beliau galak. Hehehe... Pak

Happy Birthday Dear Papa!


Chiffon Shawl Hijab Tutorial : Tutorial Mudah Memakai Hijab Sifon

Many friends asked me how to wear this style of hijab. I love this style so much because it looks neat and simple.  I take my baby girl wherever I go. This style is rarely ruined by her because e ach edge of the hijab is secured. Let me show you how. 1. Take one of the short side of your hijab and secure it on your hair bun. You can use pins or simply tie them  in square knot. 2. Take the other short side of your hijab to your head so it gives the nice drapery on your chest.  3. Make sure you make the drapery long enough to cover your chest.  4. Adjust the hijab on your face and secure it in each of your temples - or where ever you think it looks good on you - with pins.  Each of us has different  shape of face. Since I have an oval face, I secure my hijab beneath my earlobe to make my face more proportional. 5. Take the rest of your hijab and secure them under your neck. Here is another tip. If you have a more chubby face or a plus

Inspirasi Outfit Warna Pastel : Pink and Grey

The simplest way to make a good mix is to know a good palette that looks good on you. Just this time, leave your blue jeans or black pants and try to wear something in pale colors. In terms of colors of an outfit, pink and grey will never fail you. Take any of your basics in soft grey and soft pink and mix them together. Voila ! You may wear basics - just a simple pant and a simple shirt - but they can stand out too! Many times, it's not the clothes that make us stand out. It's us to make them stand out. I t is why stylists can keep their job, isn't it? Hehehe.... Add an item in shocking colors, like my fuschia wedges, to make your outfit even sweeter :D  Scarf - Mocca Shirt - Fiska Fiska @moshaict Pants - The Executive Shoes - Crocs

Wedges and Boots

My first awareness of fashion was about six years ago. I was a university student, on the third year  and was an intern in a famous business magazine.  Though I wear hijab, I was a tomboy girl. My clothes collections are plain shirts, jeans and dusty sneakers.  One day, I had an assignment from the magazine to interview a General Manager in one of the electronic appliances company. In that very moment I sat in front of him, I realized that I didn't dress properly. In fact, I dressed shabbily. Somehow I felt a little embarrassed about what I wore that day. I didn't realize that I was gonna interview someone important and should've dressed properly.  I mean, not very neat or well-groomed. I just wanted to be comfortable in meeting people. From then, I realized dressing up is not for people to see, but for us to feel comfortable and confident about ourselves.  The whole things about dressing up is about you. How you want to be seen.  Moreover, dressing up is a

Today's Quote

Last night I found this quote from Kafi Kurnia 's wall on Facebook. He's famous for the nickname "Si Jabrik". A Managing director of a marketing and branding consultant company. "You can be the most beautiful person in the world and everybody sees light and rainbows when they look at you, but if you, yourself don't know it, all of that doesn't even matter. Every second that you spend on doubting your worth, every moment that you use to criticize yourself, is a second of your life wasted, is a moment of your life thrown away.  It's not like you have forever, so don't throw even one of your moments away." - C. Joybell C

Family Fun Day

Last Saturday, we went to Waterbom Jakarta, Pantai Indah Kapuk, for a Family Fun Day event. The event held by my hubby's office. It was an annually event. We were having fun. It was the first time for my Bebe to go swimming, so we were so excited :D. We were just arrived and my Bebe got goodies for kids Took some shots while every body was queueing Morning snacks. Look! My Bebe got a new barbie bag and lots of snacks inside :D My bebe got three lollypops :D. I hid it after the shots. She doesn't know what lollypop means after all, I never gave her  one :D The wall of fame. I was wearing a silver mask and my hubby wear a golden crown. :D Bebe always loves baloons :) Becak riding with Papa :D This is her first time to swim and she was so excited! :D She ran around and around in her new bathing suit :D My Bebe loves sate! Like father like daughter :D And this is like mother like daughter :D She insist